First step, please go to the Licensed Producer website you have been assigned to by your Nurse Practitioner. Second, you will need to sign up as a patient, please note, your medical document will be uploaded by your Nurse Practitioner unless instructed otherwise. Once you have registered as a patient in the Licensed Producer website, you will receive an email from the Licensed Producer in 24-48 hours welcoming you. At this point, you are ready to order your medical cannabis. If you are not able to register as a patient with the Licensed Producer, please first call the Licensed Producer then My Cannabis Clinic.

You are approved for medical cannabis at the completion of the assessment with one of our Nurse Practitioners. However, you must wait for the email from the LP (above) to begin purchasing. If you do not qualify, you will be notified.

Call the Licensed Producer directly (company number listed on website) and inquire about your registration. If they state they have not received the medical documents, please contact My Cannabis Clinic via email.

Your medical cannabis is delivered to your door with a signature required upon delivery. If no one is home to receive and sign for the order, it will be taken to the nearest postal outlet where it will need to be signed for in order to pick up.

Yes. The Canada Revenue Agency has indicated that you may use your cannabis purchases on your income tax (under medical expenses).

Yes, anywhere in Canada in its original container with the appropriate label (this is your document for carrying cannabis). You may not travel across the border with your cannabis as it is illegal in the United States.

You are responsible for keeping your cannabis in a safe place. If it gets stolen it will not be replaced. Also, please keep cannabis stored safely away from children and pets!

Absolutely NOT. It is illegal to share or sell your cannabis. Doing so will result in revocation of medical license as said actions are considered illegal under federal and provincial law.

When first starting treatment, it is recommended to start “Low and Go Slow”, start at 0.2ml, 3 times a day, 8 hours apart. You should administer the oil under your tongue and hold it there as long as you can, This encourages rapid absorption and therapeutic onset (within 15 minutes). Ingestion, which takes 1 to 2 hours to take effect, is another administration option. If 0.2ml dose 3 times a day for 3 days does not result in satisfactory relief from your symptoms then increase your dose by 0.2ml (0.4ml, 3 times a day). Further increases in dosing should be done in an incremental manner in consultation with a My Cannabis Clinic registered NP.

Some licensed producers send a card with your order, while others do not. The label on the side of your medicine bottle becomes your card, it will have all the information necessary to prove you are allowed to carry cannabis.

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